The Corpus Callosum

The Corpus Callosum

The Analog Brain, otherwise known as the right side of your brain, controls your senses, artistic intuition, and free-flowing creativity; the right side of the brain promotes unique, outside of the societally driven box and parachute seemingly simplistic thoughts into creatively complex concepts. Without the right side of the brain, the world would be flavorless.

The Digital Brain, otherwise known as the left side of the brain, is responsible for practical, forward-thinking and logical implementation, while preparing for nearly any theoretical outcome. It allows for pathways in the brain to successfully complete tasks; reason is your focused guide through every day complexities.

Welcome to Art-Den – The Corpus Callosum – the exact place where The Analog and The Digital brains fuse.  Where creativity and beauty meets forward thinking and reason and great minds collaborate to help disentangle obstacles using cutting edge practices in Corporate Identity, Web Design, Digital Marketing, and Fine Art. By blending the creative with the practical, we’ve found that even the most difficult of projects contort and take new shape to become the optimally bracing ventures they were meant to be.

Founded by Sherry Frydenlund, an artist, marketing, and business executive with a vast portfolio. Art-Den came to fruition thanks to Sherry’s desire to combine her passion and talent in fine art and design, with her skill and experience in business development. Her career shifted in 2000 when she earned her undergraduate degree in Computer Animation from the Art Institute of Colorado. She graduated at the top of her class and was soon invited to teach at the Westwood College of Technology where she helped students advance in 3D Studio Max, Adobe Creative Suite, and Graphic Design. In 2004, Sherry moved to London, England with her family and began studying and working as an eclectic yet enchanting oil painter. Her large abstract paintings are now on display in many businesses and homes throughout Denver.

After moving back to Colorado in 2007, Sherry began working as an Art Director for a specialty foods manufacturing company where she built out their in-house design department that was solely responsible for branding and introducing to market a variety of products. She then took on the role of Partner and COO at The Stage Fund. Since then, she has played a decisively key role in the restructuring, development, and success of dozens of companies. Leading financial and logistic operations for a $20 million commercial solar project in Canada as well as several other build outs, Sherry was inordinately instrumental (during the primordial years) with companies such as Skytek and LogicTree.

Seeing first hand these businesses struggling desperately to connect with their Analog Brain to build their corporate identities, branding, websites, advertising, and marketing, Sherry decided to take action, thus, Art-Den was born; a contrastingly unique agency, Art-Den strives not only to provide the highest quality design and digital marketing services, but to also embolden and empower every client we take on with knowledge in our industry and tools they can immediately implement to help their company flourish and prosper. We act as your Corpus Callosum, connecting the Digital inclined brains with the creative and bold.

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